מיקרוסקופ לתלמיד ת. KEN-A-VSION (ארה"ב)

מק"ט: 1701.
קטגוריה: .

Ken-A-Vision® introduces the Cordless CoreScope. This microscope has all the features and benefits of the Powered by Ken-A-Vision Technology. Plus, it has a multi-directional round floating stage, so no mechanica stage is necessary. Separate coarse and fine focusingknobs make it easier for the student to operate




• Multi-directional Round Floating Stage

• Rechargeable NiMH Batteries

40Hours of Use on a Single Charge

45Angle, 360° Rotating Prism Head

• Separate Coarse & Fine Focusing Knobs

• High Density Plastic Covered Metal Base